Regens Unite

May 19-22, Brussels

A 2-day conference (+ 2-day hackathon) to unite all regens in the capital of Europe and explore the potential of Web3 to regenerate the earth and local communities.

The Climate Emergency, the energy crisis, the burnout crisis, the covid crisis, those are all symptoms of a society that is collapsing and that urgently needs to reinvent itself with a focus on regenerative culture, a focus on taking care of ourselves, our habitat and of our communities.

We are not the first ones trying to address those issues. This conference is about bringing the different actors together so that we can learn from each other and help each other. Some of us are working on crypto protocols, others on ReFI projects, others on the ground as activists or as farmers, others behind desks working for environmental NGOs or public institutions.


  • Unite pioneers of the new world, build relationships in the community so that we can all work better together
  • Learn how we can all contribute and join the movement as individuals, organizations, institutions.


Thursday May 19th - Day 1: Listen

Classic conference with presentations about ReFI, web3, current initiatives on the ground to regenerate the earth and make local communities more resilient.

The goal of this first day is to get everyone up to speed with what’s going on in the web3 space and on the ground to address the climate emergency.

Friday May 20th - Day 2: Participate

No powerpoint. Only conversations with facilitators. Bringing together people working in web3, people working on the ground, and people working in 20th century institutions trying to support those people the old way.

Saturday & Sunday 21-22: Day 3-4: Do

Hackathon to put into practice what we’ve learned.

The money raised will help us offer free or discounted tickets to ensure a large diversity of participants.


No fly conference ✈️

We want to make this conference carbon negative. Offsetting is nice, but avoiding emitting CO2 in the first place is even better. That's why we want to make this conference a no-fly conference. There are plenty of trains and buses that can take you to Brussels (or blabla cars). If you are too far, we invite you to come to Europe for a couple of months (there are plenty of Ethereum conferences happening anyway and you can easily move between cities by train), or we invite you to take the opportunity to send someone else from your DAO that is based nearby (great opportunity for people in the community to step up!).

Those are all the cities in Europe with a direct train line to Brussels: 

  • Paris is a 1h15 train
  • Amsterdam is a 1h52 train
  • London is a 2h15 train
  • Lyon is a 3h45 train
  • Geneva is a 6h20 train (via Lyon)
  • Berlin is a 6h45 minute train (via Cologne)
  • Milano is a 8h50 train (via Lyon)
  • Barcelona is a 9h15 train (via Paris)