All for Climate DAO

Open roles

Join us and contribute to the All for Climate DAO. You will be compensated in our own ALLFORCLIMATE tokens at the rate of 1 token per hour of work.

How to apply for a role?

Join our Discord and introduce you in the #introduce-yourself channel. Someone will reach out for a call.

Thinking of another role?

The beauty of a DAO is that it is decentralized. There is no hierarchy and central authority that gets to decide “those are the positions and their job description”. Everyone can suggest new roles and new ways to contribute. Make a proposal and ask the community to agree to recognize it as a role eligible for ALLFORCLIMATE tokens.


Crypto newsletter + set up mailchimp/substack (

Community newsletter

Community manager

Welcome new people on Discord, schedule community calls, note taking, onboarding.


Reach out to great citizen initiatives and other climate related projects that could either

  • Share their expertise if they are already using crypto
  • Learn how they could use crypto for their project

Fiscal host

All for Climate is also operating a fiscal host with more than 120 collectives (

Board member

We need at least 4 people (2 women, 2 men) to be on the board of the non-profit established in Brussels (allforclimate ASBL/VZW).

They have to participate in at least one general assembly a year and sign the paperwork (books for financial authorities, changes in the board or structure of the non-profit, etc.).

Basic admin

Paying expenses submitted and approved

Make sure that collectives sign the cooperation agreement

Onboarding collectives

Before new collectives can join we do an onboarding call two get to know each other, to be able to make a personal approach to joining All For Climate and to answer all operational questions. We make sure the collectives agree with the values and principles.


Yearly tax reporting for the non-profit. Keeping track of all documents, requirements and reports.


General support to collectives:

  • answering emails
  • Making invoices if needed, guiding them to the templates
  • Solving OC issues, correcting mistakes

Support with fundraising

  • fundraising via OC: guiding collectives through the platform + setting up a good fundraising/crowdfunding
  • Fundraising in institutions: writing (or helping collectives to write) applications for funds, do the paperwork and sign. Be the main contact point afterwards


It’s not really manageable to have to go through proposals every week or every month for more permanent roles. We also need to be mindful that not everyone is comfortable asking for compensation.

That’s why we propose to create 3 different contribution tiers to create a compensation baseline. This does not prevent anyone from creating a proposal and asking for a different compensation on a per project basis.

Full time equivalent (4 days/week): 200 tokens per month

Half time equivalent (2 days/week): 100 tokens per month

Flexible contributor (1 day/week): 50 tokens per month