All for Climate DAO

Our shared values and principles

👥 We are a learning together: with open minds, ears and eyes we co-create All For Climate. We adapt and grow together with what people offer us and opportunities that rise.

👐🏽 We are transparent: everything we do is open and transparent. We are happy to share everything we do and welcome feedback.

🗣 We use deep democracy techniques in our meetings and assemblies and actively mine the collective wisdom in the network. All voices are welcomed, they are the energy and the wisdom of our network. We highly value gender balanced teams that reflect the diversity of experiences and ideas in the world.

🙏🏽 We deeply respect the work people do and are grateful for all contributions. We are aware of the time and energy the work requires.

🌱 We have a regenerative culture: we take time to take care of ourselves, of each other and of the place we live in.

🔭 We are an organisation of the 21st century: we highly value decentralization, embrace tools of the future, and we are aware of the impact of our choices on the planet.